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What is a digital nomad?

When you search for digital nomads in various forums they often use words like lifestyle, freedom, travel.
In my understanding a worker whose job is digitally based and able to work at many different places, and can move around for his job or in his life.
Of course I could do this too, but as a freelancer and as I have a family, I sometimes prefer to go elsewhere to work. 

This freedom and flexibility is positive in many ways, although disrupting traditional work patterns in many ways. I usually post on FB or Instagram when I work remotely like this

The organization of my job is adapted to this as I have a minimum need of paper amd equipment. I supply my computer with a good laptop to carry around, and at least in Scandinavia, a router from Net1, sustainable as it is with 60km between masts and good coverage in the outskirts. 
The professional newspapaer Børsen recently wrote an article about my use of network.

My whole setup (A cheap way to run a 100% online company) will be described in my blog.

Here are some Danish and foreign job bases you can sign up for. Prices are not high and unless you have a specialized field, it can be hard work. And links to blogs etc.

Lifestyle and getting started

Guru.com  Add your services

Danish, tekstforfatter




Consultancies, Danish

Extra Jobs, Danish

Tekstforfatter Danish

European rules and ressources for work

Nomad site


You know Westfalia from your camping holidays? Van work


Small jobs and freelance, Danish

Portal Danish


More to come as I get aware of them

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